Latest Works

Valentino Tie & Dye: Original Music

D&G Sophia Loren n°1: Sound Design

The Stolen Eye: Original Music, Sound Design

PSA Voltri Pra: Original Music, Sound Design

Kingcup Coffee: Original Music, Sound Design



Soundexpress is a music and audio production network. We are musicians, sound designers, technicians, music addicted...
We create original audio content for video installation, radio, tv and web commercials, and also we produce multimedial portfolios for musicians and artists.



- music production and consulting -
- sound design -
- mix & loudness control -
- voice over & speaker recordings -
- audio logo & audio FX production -
- music branding - .



We are based in Milan, Italy. Here we have our own studio and our musicians and technicians network.
Feel free to contact us and we would be pleased to meet you.